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I never got to race (just a couple times in the novice class) Jay always encouraged me to He was always was competing with Albert for the number one plate in the A class but I was barley able to afford riding let alone racing, (I just practiced with those guys).
After I crushed my ankle, I meet my wife. In my mined there is only one way to ride and I knew if I continued to ride my relationship with her would not last. After our first child I got into mountain biking and that is as close a feeling I have had to riding dirt bikes since. All I can say is have the time of your life while you are young because once you hit a certain age you find out that you can't go back. And those experiences you will be able to look back on and reminisce.
I have done some small projects but what I would like to do at my house would cost me a lot of $$$$ and time. I will get it done over the years though.
I haven't been on this site much in the past few years I kind of got into 4 wheeling and am looking at those sites most of the time. I just got a renewed interest with what the new kids are doing in the field.
Have a great Christmas and I hope the new year is a prosperous one for you.
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