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It is nice when the forecast is solidly over the trigger and a sure thing. I only do 1 commercial and 10 residential walks and driveways. No plowing I just use snow blowers and shovels. I do the commercial regardless of the amount (he doesn't have a parking lot) and 2" trigger for the residential. On some of my customers I still will do them regardless I just don't want to risk anyone falling and coming back on me. I'm not worried about how much I make through the winter, it is just some extra $$$$.

I think next season will be steady. Each season we have increased by about 10%, but this season I am not sure we can do that with out increasing how many accounts I do. Like I said before I am retired from one job and I do this to supplement my retirement. I wish I had started doing this 30 years ago, I would have made three times the $$$$ than I did slaving away at the job I did for 31 years. That is why I envy you younger guys so much.
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