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Best 12-15hp vert engine [thinking about a repower]

I've got a Husqvarna "Rider 13" aka 850-12 [in North America],articulated, front mount mower. I got this mower for next to nothing [$100NZD] because it had a rusted out deck. A new battery cost as much as the machine. I built a "fabricated" style deck for about $250, and it is working well. Needs new blades, but this is a normal wear part. Any sugestions?
I'm also thinking of repowering to a more "modern" engine, OHV, quiet, more power...
I'll probably look for a donor engine from a defunct mower/lawn tractor, and was wanting to know which engines to "stay away" from, and which engines that seem to have good; performance, service life, economy...
The 12.5 B&S flat head engine does run well, so I'm in no hurry, I have the luxury of time to look, do not have the luxury of buckets of $ to run out and get new.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John

This thread is running in several areas.

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