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i signed a contract with a local collection agency. gonna see how that works out next year. I got a few that are well over 90 days and i have given up myself. I will put the collection agency on their butt so mabee it won't go away as easy as they think.. and who knows, mabee i'll get some of the money which is better than the nothing that i already settled on. I still feel lucky to have way more good clients than bad, so gotta see the good in the situation. there are just idiots out there, we are all gonna have to deal with them at some point. To bad i can't do a "wall of shame.." on the ole website.. hahaha.. like when people steal from the gas station and get there picture posted up there. Its stealing plain and simple.

Originally Posted by Cedar Lawn Care View Post
Right now I have 1 guy that owes me 300 bucks, 1 guy that owes me 180 bucks, 1 lady that owes me 80 bucks, 1 lady that owes me 75 bucks. It is incredibly annoying dealing with dishonest people, but there is only so much you can do without spending more time and money trying to get your money than it it worth. We have tried sending e-mails, making phone calls, sending invoices etc. I don't have a great solution besides doing what you can. There are idiots out there and that's just how it's going to be. Find out who they are and kick them to the curb as fast as possible.
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