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I ended up buying a 2011 John Deere Pro Gator 2020A. It has only 250 hrs, 2 wheel drive, and can carry 2500 pounds in the dump bed.

Working with Bob Posthuma (Owner of GEOTEA) to come up with a boomless, 110 gallons tank(drain/easy to clean after use), gas engine Honda 5.5 hp, 200 feet 1/2" hose w/electric reel, to spray Organic Compost Tea. I know I can carry more liquids, but I don't want too much weight which could cause damage to the large yards. For the smaller yards, I will back the Pro Gator and park it on the driveway, sidewalk, street so I can the hose reel and gun to walk and spray the yard.

The Pro Gator should get here in a week or two, so I will get some time to Line-X the dump bed and hitch, and build side extension rails around the dump bed. Get two or three signs on the dump bed with "Now Spraying Organic Compost Tea".

I will also be using a GEOTEA brewer to make my organic compost tea, and Bob is going to redo his website to offer new products along with a documentary about GEOTEA brewers being used all over the world. Bob said that I will be able to link some of his information on compost tea and their benefits to improve my customer's knowledge and let them know their are other options for yard care. And with Bob's help, the learning curve will be very he's only a bit over two hours away, so it's good to have help near.

I will post my updates as they start to come in. Getting ready for a great 2014!!! Along with revamping My Website (with Tonygreek)...were I will be offering more Organics Care.

I figure to get the best people in their fields to help make my service the best they can be. And now I will be able to go after the large 1 to 5 acre yards with the Pro Gator.

Anyone have any good ideas I need to ask for while setting up this sprayer???

I will be mainly leaving the sprayer in the rear of the Pro Gator, so I don't plan on needing to move it in and out of the bed very I can always raise the bed when cleaning out the spray tank to make cleaning easier....but most likely I will have a hose connected to the drain to control the waste from cleaning out the tank.

Thanks for any and all help!!!!!!!!!!
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