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I think your answer lies in some of the posts about having the attachment flexibility, service and attachment rental/purchase options close to your home door.

I stick mostly with my dealer because they provide on-site service and I know all my attachments (though pricey) are suited to my machine and I can get service/interchangeability between the skid and Toolcat UTV.

I value a good relationship with my service department. To me, it's number one decision factor in buying a service-technical machine. Though I rarely have to take my SS loader into the shop, having a good relationship with the service manager and technicians means a lot to me and I pay a little more for that. It works out in less downtime for me. For example, I live over an hour away from the Bobcat dealer. When I had a problem two weeks ago (minor by most accounts but I couldn't find the source of the leak), Bobcat dispatched a service truck and was here in just over an hour and worked past their normal quitting time. That's good service and I appreciate that as a customer. Sometimes it's the next morning but they work with me and I'm a micro company.

Whether it's Bobcat, ditch witch, or Vermeer that service and attachment availability is what will keep you working. I'm a fan of Bobcat but in this instance, it doesn't seem like a good idea that their MTL has a different attachment plate. That could cause you issues if you find an attachment you really like or need that's non-Bobcat.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

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