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What do you think of the practice commonly posted here about blanketing POST controls over every lawn?

ALS-inhibitor and triazine resistant goosegrass has been a problem in the southeast for at least 15 yrs. Every year, guys post on this board about how they blanket apply simazine or atrazine and how they blanket apply their flavor-of-the-month POST, like Revolver, Manor, Trimec, etc.

EPA estimates that 30 million acres of lawns get treated with herbicide each year. There are 17,000 golf courses in the US (including HI), which occupy an average of 150 acres. This means that there are about 2.5 million acres of golf course in the US. Of the 150 acres that the average course occupies, only about 70 of those acres are routinely treated with herbicides (source: GCSAA), so you could say that golf is only responsible for ~1.2 million acres -- only about 4% of the area of treated lawns.

If you guys haven't worked in golf before, herbicides aren't used nearly as much as they are in LCO. Golf courses treating goosegrass would use Illoxan anyhow -- much more effective and much cheaper than Revolver.
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