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When these golf courses have herbicides "routinely" applied, Is it part of the routine to do broadcast applications or spot treatment? Something tells me they spend much more time with an 8ft boom than they do a spray wand. I apply a broadcast treatment 2 times per year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The rest of my applications throughout the year are spot treatment only. I generally will apply 8-10,000 ft sq of actual spraying over a 3-5 acre area by spot treating only. However, this is only made possible by applying those broadcast applications the other 2 times per year. If I didn't, I'm pretty certain I would use much more herbicide through the course of the year.

I try to rotate herbicides, insecticides and fungicides on a regular basis though I will admit I have a couple of staples. They are generally used in combination with other products and are not "stand alones".

I do not consider myself to be a "flavor of the month" applicator. I know there are some out there but IMO that is bad for business in more way than one.
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