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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
When these golf courses have herbicides "routinely" applied, Is it part of the routine to do broadcast applications or spot treatment? Something tells me they spend much more time with an 8ft boom than they do a spray wand.
In the south, there are usually 1 or 2 PRE apps/yr. In the north, there is just one PRE /yr. About 75% of courses apply only to fairways, while the rest apply to fairways and roughs. POST apps are strictly on a spot basis. Herbicides are not a big thing in golf.

Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I apply a broadcast treatment 2 times per year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The rest of my applications throughout the year are spot treatment only.
I would expect that PRE apps are broadcast, but I find that POST apps are rarely needed to be done as broadcast. Do we really need to spray POST products where there are no weeds?

Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I try to rotate herbicides, insecticides and fungicides on a regular basis though I will admit I have a couple of staples. They are generally used in combination with other products and are not "stand alones".
Rotating modes of action is the critical part here. Applying Manor, then Celsius, then Tribute Total, then Monument would only making things worse.

Combining products when the combinations aren't needed can make resistance worse. In combination products, the combination doesn't usually kill any weed faster or better, it just broadens the spectrum of activity. Adding dicamba to 2,4-D doesn't make the 2,4-D work better. It just picks up some things that 2,4-D misses. Dicamba is weak on the perennial clovers that 2,4-D controls, but D is weak on the thistles and plantains that dicamba controls really well.

What combinations do you like to put together?

Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I do not consider myself to be a "flavor of the month" applicator. I know there are some out there but IMO that is bad for business in more way than one.

What I meant by "flavor-of-the-month" was that some guys add a POST to their tank (Trimec, Manor, Celsius) and broadcast treat lawns simply because it is a particular time of year and that's what they've always done. "Well, it's February and the weather's warming up, so I better broadcast 3-way now. Uh oh, it's June now, so I need to broadcast the Celsius."

I see a lot of guys on this board who think that POST materials must be applied broadcast to get the best control. And they will apply the same things multiple times/yr every year to every lawn, whether there are weeds present or not. I'd like to see more of an IPM approach that understands that not every lawn needs to be blanketed. I have very few weed calls and I only blanket about 15% of my customer base with PRE. On the 85% that don't get blanketed, we apply only in high-risk areas and we vigorously scout that lawns and document any weed breakthroughs. I buy less than quarter of the herbicide that my smallest competitor does and I have cleaner lawns.
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