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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I'm not sure I agree. We've already seen ALS-inhibitor resistant weeds in the southeast (Revolver resistant Poa and about 15 weeds (including spurge) that are resistant to metsulfuron, the ai in Manor). There are more than 100 weeds resistant to the triazine class of herbicides (Atrazine and simazine resitant Poa, for example) and there have been loads of weeds reported as resistant to Trimec-type 3-way combinations (since they all have a similar MOA).

Its hard to say just where this resistance came from, if it was overuse from LCO or not. The latest research pins triazine resistance squarely on overuse in the LCO business, but I suppose the case could be made that these chemistries aren't solely used in LCO."
Your sites say there are resistant weeds. We all l one that!

Where is the data that states it STARTED due to LCO's?
Also you state there have been "loads of weeds" resistant to 3 way products. What are those weeds?
You say the latest research say trizene resistance started in turf. Where is that data? Trizenes are used on almost every corn acre.

Again I know resistance is a problem but asking you to support your comment on being started by LCO's.
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