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The more u say the more I question you!!!!
The combination of products such a 3 way has many synergistic effects. Using them alone none of them do a great job but when combines are Lethal!!!

If u look at MCPP and Quicksilver it is not used alone?
Why? I'm
The products are WEAK when used alone, but when combines with other products they are awesome.

Adding another combination such as quicksilver even adds more "heat" and it DOES speed up the kill which is totally against what u state.
Heck even adding a coc can speed up kill and it's not a herbicide.

U say dicamba won't kill clover but 2-4,D will?????
2-4,D won't touch CloverLook at any University data and I will see that. It will burn it back but not kill it!

How does using multiple products/ai's make resistance worse??

U are totally out there buddy!!!!

Skipster said:

"In combination products, the combination doesn't usually kill any weed faster or better, it just broadens the spectrum of activity. Adding dicamba to 2,4-D doesn't make the 2,4-D work better. It just picks up some things that 2,4-D misses. Dicamba is weak on the perennial clovers that 2,4-D controls, but D is weak on the thistles and plantains that dicamba controls
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