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I LOVE my 2004 quad cab diesel 2 wd, Air ride seats and suspension, Pick up bed 22.5 rim/tires

Not really like yours but,

Not a single issue. (Except for dash cluster when a jerk stole my radio and trashed it in the process)
Under cdl
Huge brakes and stopping power
Huge cab
Tall ride height and great visibility
Great business recognition

The Allison is bullet proof
8.1 should be more than strong enough

Body/platform compares to a ford 650. Gm goes to the bigger platform, where ford uses the same up to 550

Get ready to spend more on tires brakes etc, go to a place called diesel place dot com and see if the have a thread for the 8.1

I look at fuel as a business expense and right it off
Big truck
enclosed trailer
other stuff neccesary to work

1 Desert Eagle
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