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[QUOTE=JimsLocalLawn;4910356]Well I winterized my walk behind for the season. Still to date I haven't had any major issue's with it mechanically. It has proven to be a good investment. If I had to do it over again the only thing I would of done different is opt'd for the hydro over the belt drive.

I promised to track a seasons progress with it (good and bad) and these were the only issue's all season.
- Trans belt snapped (cost $11 to fix)
- Gas cap malfunction (Fixed under warranty for FREE)
- Sulky was sent without a carter pin (Fixed under warranty for FREE)

It has seen 6 oil changes this year, 2 air filters, and 2 tubes of grease, and 3 sets of blades (Stock Hi-Lift, Stock Mulching blades, and Oregon G5 blades). My only complaint about it is the Kawasaki engine seems thirsty, my last walk behind had a 10.5 hp engine so maybe that is why?

* WHY would you change to a hydro ? Belts to hard to turn ? and how thirsty is it ? How many gals you burn a hour? I like your post very good review!.
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