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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Dang, I'd fail that test. I've got about 5 hours on a stander and I'm still shaky on it.
Lol it always blows my mind with people I tell them they have to have experience with a stander because 90 percent of what we mow is with standers and they tell me all the time that they have all kinds of experience with one then you put them on the 52 full throttle and they take off by pressing all the way forward and the front wheels come off the ground and they almost fall off lol I just look at them and wonder sometimes I want to tell look just be honest I know you need the work and I need the help and you could of been honest and told me look I need the work but I dont no how to drive a stander ive got x number of years worth of experience to offer you and if given the chance I will learn quickly. If someone told me that the respect I would have for being truthful would get you at least a opportunity but know who would ever think like that haha
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