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My opinion of mowers

I Have just finished 7 years of mowing. I started small with an old Toro WB 44. I used to think EXmark was the only way to go and bought a 66 with a Triton deck. I supplemented that with a Toro 48 Grandstand. A good combination. I bought the Grandstand before Exmark had the Vantage. This year I Felt I needed to go to standing full time because of my arthritis and deliberated over a 60 Grandstand or Exmark Vantage. I came to the conclusion after testing both that the Toro had the best cutting deck and went with it.

The reason I posted this is because you can find many posts on here from me extolling the virtues of Exmark. I am just sorry I didn't realize Toro was the right mower for me a lot sooner.

Now everybody has an opinion about every mower and the truth is that no matter what you get, you make your mower work. You learn what to do with your mower in every condition. All mowers have their good points and bad
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