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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Most landscapers do not work 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year. One day we can work 1 hour another 6. The next time 8 hours.

So to say your costs per day is $82 is correct mathematically but is not truthful.

You need to record all moneys spent and all hours worked. So you will have the true hourly rate.

We estimate by the hour not the day.
you got that right. I did some rough math and I think it came out to me working 120 days a year maybe 150 if you wanna stretch it. but 150 days tops. hours I do not keep track of very much. its just me working no help, but there are a lot 7-10 hour days in there. july or august if its really hot i might only work 4-6 hours.

I also don't estimate by the hour or the day, but by the job. no matter what it is, by the job. I have certain numbers I try to hit in my head while doing the estimating but I do everything by the job, and it seems to work out pretty good.
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