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price doesnt mean much as it maybe hot or they maybe dreaming. anyway first time listings are usually way over priced, thats why I need help to determine if there could be a hidden problem I won't know to look for, thats why I am asking for tips on summarizing its condition on the spot. Plus theres nothing around here to judge it against (I've never seen one advertised b4 now) and the main mowers here are Walker.

Hydro pumps ! whats the first signs thats there a problem with these?

I have a IR temp gun to test left side with right side bearings etc, can the Hydro pumps be tested in this way.
testing it will be constrained to the terrain they live on. I doubt if they have a test track lawn like we have lol, I just hope it has a steep hill and a flat runway
Anyone got ideas of a test check list I can down load? that could be a help.
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