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Originally Posted by ric1 View Post
Your correct, Toro acquired wheelhouse in 1986, lawn boy in 1989, Exmark in 1997 and Hayter in 2005 and several irrigation company's along the way.
Toro was old hat irrigation, before irrigation was irrigation
They fell behind hunter and rain bird for a while but are back with a vengeance

My point was, arguing toro/ex mark quality has been as useless as trying to argue if a firebird was faster than a Camaro

Same dang machine

It's been like that since longer than most of us have been landscaping

For the life of me, I never understood why toro didn't try to make a run like john Deere landscapes did
Sell everything at the same place in one shot

Or have symbiot landscape network deal through toro
Since they have nearly everything a landscape company needs

But toro decides to be quiet

Turf tracer, lazer z all the stuff people think was so excellent about ex mark? All toro products
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