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Couldn't Disagree More

I don't mean to sound rude, but it is ignorant to think that a landscaper knows the same things as an internet marketing company. I, myself own a landscaping/lawn care company. I couldn't get on Google's first page. I hired a company, that told me upfront, their SEO is guaranteed money back. Well, sure enough they got me on the first page in the top 3. Secondly, Google has never said do not hire a SEO company. I just looked and couldn't find that anywhere. They company that handles my internet marketing is obviously way more knowledgeable on SEO than a landscaper. They are constantly keeping up with every Google algorithm update and learning how Google works every time they update the algorithm.

I think your post is very narrow-minded and some of the things you said don't make any sense.

If you are in a competitive city with 100 different lawn care companies, I suggest you hire a SEO company that knows what they're doing. Otherwise, your customers will find you on page 9.
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