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Originally Posted by No Weeds Left Behind View Post
I have been researching a new mower for a while now and still cant bite thebullet on the $$$. My whole thing is standers people say cant hold a hill like a walk behind but some say they can. One plus to w/b, weight. stander is still 200 pounds more than the w/b. And this is a biggy to me. In the last year I have been using a 48 rider and I have noticed my yards starting to get ruts. And most people around here their yards arent huge. I have very rarely cut wide open speed with my rider I have right now. So to me it makes more sense to buy a walk behind vs rider. for a smaller company. but even a bigger comapnay you have to think about the footprint on the yard. I guess if you have two or three different size mowers you can switch it up so u dont get ruts as badly. the stand on mower is intriguing to me though. as far as business wise stander and walkbehind cant be too far off on maintenance costs. seems like they have similar parts or I am wrong??? dont know a whole lot about standers and before anyone says anything, I do change my routes on the yard.
Just for the sake of a point of reference: I own Exmark wb's and a Vantage.

Both mowers have their strong points and weaknesses. Based on the information you have given it would seem a wb would be your best option. The 60" wb I have weighs around 750 lbs. and the 60" Vantage weighs around 1050 lbs + the weight of the operator. Many who run standers note they tend to rut/track more and tear up tender turf especially on side hills. I am from East Tennessee and we have lots of hills. The Vantage is a lot more fun to operate but at the end of the week the cutting times are nearly identical between the 2 units. Not knowing what your properties are like it is hard to tell you which would be best for you. A week long demo would be your best option providing you have a dealer willing to let you use one of their units that long. While others may disagree, imo a stander is close to a rider only you are standing rather than sitting. On hills, the larger the deck the better the stander seems to do. That said, with a wb you can manhandle it just a bit but with a stander once it gets past a certain point you just go with it. If you can only purchase one mower a wb might be best. Later, if you have the cash consider getting a stander to go with it.
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