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Gravely Commercial 21" Walk-Behind

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Interesting looking machine on the web page.

I am always wondering why the promotional pages are so limited with photos and details. Just like all others, there is one photo. It is way too limiting to be of much value. For example, no details on bag/mulch procedure. There is no detail on height adjustment. There is no detail on the operator controls. Digital pictures are so easy, and can be incorporated into these pages without much effort. I am always leflt wanting with so much potential to explain the machine visually, but the opportunities are not utilized. Not picking on Gravely here, everybody does it.

Even better would be a walk-around video of a couple of minutes, pointing out these details. Videos of the mower passing across a lawn in various ways may look cool, but does little to explain the machine to a potential buyer. Commercial buyers are not impressed with slick videos, rather those that provide useful information to understand if the machine fits their daily needs.

Details, details, details!!
Sorry you were not able to find all the information you wanted on the Commercial 21". I visited with the Product Manager, and they do have a short video that they are working on that will be added to the website soon.

As far as accessories, there aren't any for this model as the 2.5 bushel bag is standard, and there is a standard mulch plug as well.

The video will be a good visual for you, so hopefully that will help.


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