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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
1) I trust Sean (have for several years and for several reasons). He actually knows the industry & he never lies. I respect Sean bigtime as he has gone to bat for me in the past.

2) Tried advisory companies twice (in our office). Both times were a huge waste of time (and salary expense on our part). I replied to a LS post some years back about this, but got slambasted by some saying these guys ain't crooks. Whatever.

3) We continue to get telemarketing calls many times each year from these outfits. Usually from either the Chicago area or the New York area. These guys are scam artists. First they won't tell you who's calling or why. They usually say they "have a rep in my area". That's bs, and they won't let you get a word in edgewise. High pressure all the way.

Once I asked the guy where he was from. 1st time it was Pennsylvania. 2nd time it was Long Island. ooops!
Sean might never lie but you surely can be truthful yet wrong.
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