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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Any way to tell new vs old ones?
Sorry I must have missed this. The newer ones have a shield up on the top bearing. The housings are completely different. When putting them into a Fixed deck machine they come with a spacer ring. A thin one for the small frame machines and a thick spacer for the large frame ones along with hardware. I would have to look at the drawing but I think they even mount on the opposite side of the deck. For the RH's and Sentar Sports there is no spacer ring but there are a couple washers to space the blade correctly since its not a through bolt on those. The offsets are quite different now(compared to the 71460007). Still only the 1 failure so far. Give it a few more years I guess...

Also I wanted to mention if you have a very old RH or Sentar Sport you might have 7/8" taper adapters for the pulleys. So if you get a 1" aftermarket spindle you will still need the adapter.
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