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Originally Posted by TomG View Post
I saw the gas powerd one in action at HNA this year and got to use the electric one in the HNA installer competition. I would highly NOT recommend either. The gas one has a very small blade and can only cut pavers. You have to use it in reverse, meaning you cant cut forwards with it or the dust collection system doesnt work. Thats a problem because if you look at the saw it has a cover on the bottom that collects the dust and it also will cover up any line on the paver your trying to cut. Thus it is pretty much useless. And you also cant cut in place with it again because you cant see the line your cutting. I hope that makes sense, hard to describe.

As for the electric one, pretty much what Jim said. Great at collecting dust but thats it. Its very slow cutting, the trigger sucks, the cutting table doesnt roll like most table saw so your trying to push a paver through the saw blade on a un-moveable metal surface, with one hand...

With a few improvements they could really make these saws a lot better. But there is no way im spending that kind of money on these saws.
Couldnt agree more. I was very interested in both saws but after the demos at HNA I realized there was some major refining that needs to happen. The cutting in reverse just simply would never work for us as we normally cut in place..
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