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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post

I'm Kichler's #1 saleman in the Portland market. Why shouldn't they cut me into that profit since I'm selling so many of them? I love that. It makes business a lot more fun when there's plenty of money on the table to make sure you don't have to rush, can do everything right, can stay as long as needed, can throw in a few extras as the job goes along without even thinking about it. I love doing a lighting job. You know why? Because all the normal stresses I usually have doing other kinds of work (landscape clean-up, paver patio, outdoor living area, waterfall, etc.) are gone. We're making a lot more bottom line profit on any given lighting job.
Uh Jim, why is it you only perceive that you have profit with Kichler? Just curious- with as long you've been in business, shouldn't you know how to make a profit on anything you install by now? Pavers, walls, water features etc...

I mean no disrespect, but the your whole VOLT reasoning and argument is lame. You make it sound impossible for contractors to sell a product that has no hidden pricing. I'm going to have to call baloney on this one. I have been selling it for 4 years. Never once had an objection to it by a customer like you have and I keep my prices up there where you are selling a C quality product by an A quality marketing company. The reason you have objections to it, is how you present it and sell it. At the end of the day, I haven't undercut anyone because I am usually the highest priced quote. I keep the value and integrity of the industry high because of the quality of the installation, and I have more cash in my pocket at the end of the job because I didn't pay middle man fees to some irrigation house. So, how does this make me a piker? Just sounds like good business to me.

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