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Wanting my company to go organic. need guidance.

Hello everyone,

I have put a lot of thought and time into considering a 100% organic lawn program for my company and forgetting about the regular chemical methods. It seems a lot of company's go for a bridge program and only spot spray weeds with pesticides. I really think my area would benefit from a 100% organic company but its very hard for me to grasp all what's needed to go 100% organic and still deliver the results the customer wants which is a weed free healthy lawn and they don't want to wait years for the results either.

I already know I can get organic fertilizer and corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent for weeds. What I can't find out is what to do for weed control. Since there is nothing currently that I can find that is selective it would have to be a non selective weed control method such as gardening vinegar and spot sprayed really carefully not to kill much grass. We mainly have fescue and bermuda and some zoysia grass.

Also adding micro organisms into the soil is very important and seems to be what a organic lawn is all about. Building the soil vs putting chemicals out for a band aid. So compost tea seems to be the product of choice when putting out these micro organisms but it would be hard and expensive to make large quantities of this for my company. Any advice on a different method of adding this life to the soil?

Any help would be appreciated! Any add anything else you may think would help me.
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