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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
They are good Z's and the 7 Iron deck is far superior to the Exmark deck if there's any dew, or the grass is wet from/with rain. They don't clump like the UC does. It is one of the best decks you can own for all mowing under any condition.

The 757 has a horizontal shaft Kawi in it. They have a rep for getting a lot of build up of dirt etc under the engine shrouds and overheating due to their positioning behind the deck and in an easy straight line for dust to be blown back onto the engine. A routine cleaning under the cowlings will keep them from overheating, and running great. The later versions of those machines with the 7 Iron II deck have higher BTS's than the earlier I version and are better cutting decks.

Dont mean to hijack the thread, but ridin green, where are these cowlings located? Haven't heard of them before. And how would I go about cleaning them?
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