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3pt hitch aerators ?

I was wondering if a 3pt hitch aerator is actually a reasonable option for aerating a lawn. I have a Deere 3520 tractor with loaded R4 tires, and it seems like and odd idea to drive a 3600 lb tractor around with an aerator behind it. Won't the weight of the tractor defeat the purpose of aerating?
If not, I found this: for sale nearby, and it's obviously very inexpensive.

If you guys confirm the weight of the tractor defeats the efforts of the aerator, I'll look into a used Classen. There's a CA-18 nearby for 700 and a TA-17 for 950. If those are much better, a neighbor and I could split one of them and use it a couple of times a year to avoid having to pick up and drop of the same type of aerator from a rental place.

Thanks in advance,
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