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Originally Posted by dnrsslr View Post
New problem?
You have a cold problem....

Originally Posted by dnrsslr View Post
The temperature was about 10 degrees. It cranked over for awhile,
kind of slow, but it would not fire at all! I finally gave up. Then, the next day, I heated the shed to about
45 degrees for about 5 hours (and put the battery charger on) and the tractor started VERY easily!
You warmed up the oil ( I'm sure it was like mollasses) and chaged the battery, it was weak or old or both...

Everthing that we have that needs to start in the winter here is South Jersey (it was 8 degrees here yeaterday)
gets 5w30 and if it has a battery, (Walker with a snowthrower) it gets a new battery if it is over 2 years old.....
We keep our diesels plugged in or in the heated shop....

If you want it to start in these cold temps, change the oil to 5w30 if that is not in it already, put fresh
winterized gas in it, make sure that the bettery is fully charged. Like Pugs said, check the choke
And if you can keep it warm......You should never have a problem starting it.......
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