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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
That's a pretty heavy tractor with pretty aggressive rear tire's. Your steering tire's will cause damage in a turn. You could get away with using this on open area's if it was totally dry and you were going in straight line's. Anything tight or next to house or under a tree might be tough. Picture's would help a lot.

That's not a very good picture of the aerator. You can't tell what kind of wear that thing has. If those tine's need replacing it might be big dollar's. It look's like it's a pretty narrow implement. If it didn't cover the tire track's, at least on one side, then you will be running over fresh aeration hole's. And that defeat's the whole purpose of aeration.
What I'll aerate is somewhat dependent on what aerator I get. I know that sounds odd, but we need to aerate our current yard, about 1/3 of an acre, before we sell it, and then I suspect we'll have about 1 acre of "lawn" at the next house, and 8-9 acres of field. I will be cutting the field grass with the tractor and a flail mower. The acre around the house will be cut with a little zero turn, and that will need to be aerated 2x a year.

What I'm wondering is whether using the tractor to aerate the lawn that usually only sees a light weight zero turn is "bass akwards". But if the 3pt aerator works better or as well as the walk behind, then I thought I could also aerate the fields if that would help the ground cover. We don't really care about those fields having fine grass, we just want green cover.

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