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Going for my Class B CDL

Hey guys, for those of you who do not know I am 18 and started my business when I was 15. Ive been pretty slow lately this winter outside of helping my dad push snow so I looked into getting a CDL. I figured in the winter time UPS, Petro Oil, and other companies hire on drivers because of the high demand around the Holiday Season. I live in Maryland so the requirements for the Class B CDL is to be 18 for in state and to pass a physical as well as a written and on road skills test. I was just curious if anyone of you have experience with going down this road and if there were any companies that have classes and take you through the whole experience. I do not have a truck under CDL so I would have to rent one or find out if one of my dads friends would let me borrow theirs. I have access to practice with a CDL truck through a local farmer who has 3 tri-axle dump trucks. Any experiences or suggestions would be great!

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