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Originally Posted by The Gardener's crew View Post
It' funny.......If your new to lawn site then your opinions don't matter. You got to have a lot of threads and they have to be kind of the same opinion as everyone else. Like there is different classes on lawn site (upper, middle and lower class). Like everybody suppose to have all commercial equipment and it has to be American made. WHAT IS THIS?................COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERS ONLY. Can someone direct me to the lower class/new to lawn site members please.
Everyone here has a different opinion. Its how you react to others that dont agree with you that counts. Not everyone here agrees with me and thats ok. I dont get upset or call people names, I just post my opinion. I have learned the hard way many times over the years in this industry. Its nice to pass on my experiences to hopefully help someone avoid my mistakes. I enjoy writing reviews on all kinds of equipment and posting tons of pics. Some dont like what I post but Im 100% honest. Others have avoided costly mistakes because of my reviews. Because of LS I have made friends all over the world and even have companies calling me to post reviews now. Its a hobby for me now but also gives me a ton of contacts in the industry.

You seem to get very defensive when others may not agree with you. The mods have deleted a bunch of your posts. My suggestion would be to state your opinion and the reason why. Let the others that dont agree with you get upset. If you like chinese mowers buy one, do a review, post some pics of the cut quality and build quality and prove everyone wrong.
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