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I have not heard of another in kc. i know there is a handyman somewhere in ks with our name. we came up with it in 2009. We did mowing that season until the end. tried to start a car dealership on 40 hwy and had all our equipment stolen. trailer 48" Encore push mower and handhelds. really sucked but learned about securing our stuff the hard way.
it may or may not happen but we will spend 2-3 months doing heavy advertising. everyone wants our service we just have to give them our number. (My theory) we won't kill ourselves if we don't hit 250 but it's our goal. We went from nothing to almost 50 in a few short weeks. there's 2 million people in my metro area. 250 isn't even 1%. I feel it's extremely possible. i have business ocd and focus most my day every day working on my business.
we definitely Dont do $20 yards. we are on average for our area. I've never attempted to be the cheapest. can't make real money that way.
i think getting to 250 in our area is easy. taking that 250 and trying to get 1000 would be much harder then 50 to 250.
Also again i also know 1 crew cannot do 250 in one week. 180-190 would be tops for our mowing style.
many ways to skin a cat. i plan on keeping everyone updated once a week during season that way i have something to look back and reflect on my past season. i like to do this so i can analyze my performance and look how i can approve. My passion is my business. my hobbies are my business. reinvesting in my business is key as well.
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