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I worked at a stihl dealer ship for about a year as a mechanic
first the guy that says stretch out your valve spring should never touch a machine
stihl recommends using one feeler gauge on the intake and 2 on the exhaust valve
I would not recommend taking apart unit unit until it dies to learn the machine . If you run synthetic mix oil it keeps the carbon build up to a minimum.
usually the main service things to do to a 4 mix are a valve adjust ( the best indicator is when it gets hard to turn the machine over from extra compression ) change the spark plug , fuel filter ,air filter and make sure the spark screen is not plugged (if it is plugged use a propane torch the heat till red and use compressed air to blow out the charred carbon out )

if you do decide to take apart the motor the basic tools are the 2 torx bits I forget the sizes and a 8 mm socket for the valve adjust and a tube of ultra black silicon or ( dirco is what stihl dealers use )

best of luck hope this helps
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