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If I were in the irrigation business, I would operate it the same way I do my lighting business. Landscaping, concrete, walls, decks, you name it. I am a long time veteran of the landscape industry, started VERY young, on my own for neighbors, friends. Went to work for others and then on my own again. I'm sure many have a similar story as well, but here is my point:

When someones tells me they can buy 'whatever' on the internet, they are not my customer and never were. Every top contractor I have had the pleasure of working with through TV, are the same. They have a similar attitude, presence, manner, and professionalism. And this is in one of the toughest economies in the country, Sacramento, California. Sure we get asked occasionally about pricing, but I educate my client a little, if they don't get it, I move on the next one.

I believe companies who keep getting cheap or penny conscious clients, are basically screaming to these customers to call, because of how they market or present themselves. I don't just mean a logo and uniforms, and such. Marketing is the most important thing outside of a good skill set and sound professionalism. I could do a whole seminar this, actually I have.

Word of mouth is not a marketing plan, it's the by-product of a good marketing plan. Some people are fortunate to be parts of the country where word of mouth keeps them busy, but not here. Everyone knows who we are in my area because I told them who we are and backed it up with great customer service and follow up. We are not the cheapest either, usually the highest bidder.

Volt is a good company and they back their products. So do many other companies. We use mostly Kichler, but we also use FX, Unique, BK, Excelsior, Vision3 and others. I have used Volt quite a bit as well.

I get the point that businesses have a volume of business to maintain, I truly get that. But take a minute, think about how you are perceived in the marketplace, start there. Contact me if you want and I will help anyone I can. This not meant to insult anyone here, I just think we're asking the wrong question.
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