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I towed a 48" plugger behind my 1991 deere 318 this fall. I asked aout it on here and everyone said the same thing, do it. I did it and the jobs went very fast. I had two bags of concrete on the tray, neatly wrapped up in a tarp them ratchet strapped down to keep them from moving or spreading concrete in the yards. It worked great.

That being said, I think it deserves to be said that the right tractor is needed to do this reliably. I wouldnt do it with a small tractor from lowes or HD or anything with a k46 rear end. They dont like pulling hard loads up hills for hours on end. My 318 has liquid filled ag tires and I can add 300lbs to the rear weight bracket if I need too. I never had a worry about slipping a tire or or not making it up a hill. The 318 is the size of normal riding mower, but thats where the similarities end. It is designed for ground engaging work, the big box riding mowers are not.
Just like everyone else on here, I have stuff that cuts, whacks, mows and blows. And way to haul it around.
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