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Originally Posted by Marek View Post
When you get to the end of your line you need to lift up on the aerator and at the same time that takes weight off the front end , and we also do 3 point turns and run industrial tires instead of ag tires
So 3pt aerators are preferable to tow behinds? I was wondering if the solid cylinder tow behind type rips of the yard when turning. The one I linked to has individual wheels, so it seems like that would turn ok. Is that accurate?

I have the industrial tires. R4= industrial. R1 is ag. R3 is turf. As long as I don't turn the wheel quickly or when stationary, they don't tear up the yard, but will leave indentations unless it's very dry. I don't know exactly how much weight loading 43x16-20 tires adds. I did the math and it would be 650lbs if they were full, so probably about 450lbs each. The dry tractor is 2900 sans FEL, so my guess was low. Maybe 3900-4000 with fluids/fuel/loaded tires. Since aerating is something you only do a couple of times a year, finding a dry day or two should be easy.

Larry, I didn't know you had to aerate hay fields. Figured it was only for lawns so you could grow thicker/denser grass.
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