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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
well I will be the one to go against the grain. We have one and hate it but its one of the older models. Safety was in the foot plate so when you go over rough yards and its bouncing you around the engine is constantly cutting out. Welds broke on the arms that the chains connect to deck. it will NEVER do what a walk behind will with ditching and steep hillsides.

Agree it is def a good happy middle between sit down and walk behind. We will be getting rid of ours. We still believe for our situation sit downs are better for us and for ditching and steep area we use our walk behinds.

Everybody is different and not all areas are the same either. This info coming from a die hard scag fan and have two crews running the tiger cats with 61velocity................. Demo one...... Everyone is different.
I demoed one and similar results except the welds breaking as I didn't have it that long. I also had to readjust myself all the time on hills. I was wore out by the time I got done with 2 yards. I bought 2 exmark vantages. no problems with them at all and don't need to move and hang over the side if the machine to keep it from sliding off the hill
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