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Yes, I have to agree. Having a partner in business has their pros and cons, like they say, 2 head is better then one. But if it's just a friend, not sure if it will work in the end.

For truck, yes a flatbed works very well, I'm assuming you are talking about a 3/4 ton or bigger. Later on when you get bigger, you can attach a trailer to your truck for a bigger equipment, and use the flat bed for tools and materials.

College, well my opinion is that I don't believe in it so much, I believe hands on experience is the way to go, you will slowly start a business with a few clients, few jobs, few employees and work your way up, you will make mistakes and learn from them and get better with the years.

It's definitely a get rich quick business. You must have a passion for what you do, determination and a good mindset. You must be willing to work long hours the first few years, without even paying yourself or your kid a big salary the first few years.

Best of luck.
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