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Originally Posted by bsullards View Post
Thanks fellas. Did try demoing the mower and its a bit a learning curve for me. Don't have a good feel for it yet and curious on input from users.
Well, if this tells you anything, I gave up on the mower long ago but still have one of my guys run it. It took him a good while to really get good with it now though. I asked him at the end of the year if he was liking it more now that hes used to it. He looked at me and didn't say anything for a few seconds, slowly put on a smile and said, "don't buy another one"........ He snickered a little bit and said when its upgrade time just get another suspension seat tiger cat and we can all be happy. So, that's what I will do. He is a family member so he can get away with putting my equipment down. We have run tons of different mowers and this one is by far and away our most hated mower but I just don't think we like ANY stand ons. We just would rather be zero turns and walk behinds for ditching. Its funny how some folks say its easier to teach someone to run a stand on than a zero turn. I find that completely backwards when hiring newbys. Don't get me wrong they all seem to take time to not tear up the yards when turning but that's with either one of them.

Mowers that I in the end like are mowers that I can jump on and be comfortable from the get go. I hate having to keep pressure pushed on the levers of the v ride. at the end of the day mowing his forearms are WORN OUT and that was my gripe to but that I feel is all these standons.

Several folks love this machine so don't go off my opinion, but if I ran a mower for a few days of demo and didn't feel comfortable yet I sure as hell wouldn't buy it.
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