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Originally Posted by n2h20 View Post
With a pondless you will have alot of spashing in the the bottom portion. I dont know how cold you get, but freezing is cold enough... the water will freeze on the rocks as it splashes into the basin which could cause the water to divert away from the basin. I have never had to worry about freezing temps but i would suggest making the basin a little bit larger... aka wider and deeper than normal to both hold more water and also contain the splashes.
During the winter months I suspect the pond would be drained and winterized well before the first freeze. If you had read the earlier post you would would have discovered that the customer is worried about accidents due to drowning of the patients at this facility. Keeping this water feature as simple as possible and hiring a professional with a strong reputation and capabilities would resolve a lot of the challengs the OP is coping with now.
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