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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
I've spent hours upon hours researching. I'm sorry my friend, but you are wrong, there most certainly is such a law

If you'd like, I can possibly e-mail you a link to the annoted code.

My father is retired from PA MVA, and that's how this whole thing was brought to my attention. I said "we're getting a 14k trailer", he said "in PA you'll need a Class A". Which that then prompted me to look at MD's laws. I even called the I-270 scale house and asked.

But the final word on all laws is in Maryland General Assembly's annoted codes. That is what a judge will reference.

But you know what, Wiffy? Law or not , whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not - the DOT police in all of MD are in fact writing tickets for this and they're not allowing drivers to drive the trailer, they're having the drivers call someone properly licensed to come get the trailer.

Bottom line (for the topic creator) - just get the Class A and call it a day

This is correct, any trailer over 10K used for commercial transport is subject to a Class A endorsement. I think the rules are different for recreational and farm use as most of the 5th wheel travel trailers are over 10K. Now your state may not enforce these rules but they are there federally and if you get in a wreck you're screwed.
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