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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Good point. A set of effective broadcast applications means I will not need to apply more for the rest of the year. No need to even spot spray. My impression of lawns that are spot sprayed is that the weeds are never gone. I will apply to less than the total area if that is what is going to work. It is not exactly a spot spray because it is an application over a patch of weeds and several feet around that patch.
Greendoctor. I wanted to respond to this the other night but found myself waiting for a couple of answers from Skipster. I guess I'm not going to get them from him.

If I were in your situation(12 month growing season), it would seem that once I had a lawn thickened and weed free, I would most likely find it unnecessary to apply much if any pre's except in high pressure areas of certain lawns. I mean once they are established and stay on your program, there should really be no need for pre's right?...just regular maintenance that includes spot spraying.

The only thing living in our bermudas at least 3 months of the year are stolons and rhizomes in the thatch layer. This leaves the lawns susceptible to seed germination of broadleaf weeds all the way from the time they are going in to until the time they are fully out of dormancy. IMO, pre's are absolutely necessary here. If not for the crabgrass, for everything else that is looking for a way in when the bermudas are at their weakest...
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