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Originally Posted by VIPTC View Post
First, "organic based" is not the same as all organic.

Organic fertilization is easy and worthwhile but there is no such thing as organic weed control unless you count manually pulling them out. Don't get caught up trying to serve a market that doesn't exist. While you'll always find some customers who profess to want all organic, you'll find that 99% of customers want a green lawn with no weeds at a reasonable price. This is a numbers business - you have to serve the majority, not the exceptions.
For weed control I have recently learned there are options such as ADIOS and fiesta and even this cool device that uses CO2 all for post emergent weed control. For pre-emergent weed control liquid corn gluten meal looks like a very good option and from the reviews I read its pretty effective. Of course applications of compost tea which isn't too expensive. I am a bit worried that there may not be a big enough market for true organic lawn care. I only know of a very few competitors in my area that offer 100% organic programs and a few that offer "organic based which isn't truly organic". So the question is would people pay the difference of say $30 or so more per visit for a true 100% organic program.
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