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Look carefully at your market - is there really that much demand for an all organic approach? If so, yours would be the first. Even if you believe that the organic options such as Adios, Fiesta and corn gluten work, they're all extremely expensive. And every organic answer, including many of the replies in this post, mention the importance of good cultural practices. That's true but pretty useless - ask LCOs how many of their customers actually follow their advice. Think about it - have you ever left a customer a note saying they mowed too tall?

Again, this is a number business and it just seems to make sense to play to the majority of customers rather than the few who are willing to pay a premium for all organic. That leads to this simple fact - you're excluding most of your potential customers due to price.

I am not arguing against organic products - I use a number of organic fert and soil products. I've found it usually pays not to be a zealot about anything though.
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