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Hi All. My name is Brant. I own ReliaBills. We advertise here on Our online software provides online billing and invoicing (so my reply will be biased). All of the products mentioned (Quickbooks, Invoices2go, etc) are very good. They create very nice invoices. However, they miss one component: the don't actually help you get paid. We took invoicing one step further...once an invoice has been created, our system will automatically send out reminders, past due notices, confirmations, etc. all defined by you and as frequently as you want. Your branding and your messaging. Just set them up once using our templates, edit them or create your own. customer just click on a link within the invoice or go to your site and click to pay. We also give you a portal where your customers can log in to see their billing & payment history, even set them selves up to auto pay bills by storing their payment information. And you don't even need a merchant account (you can use ours). Customer can pay by credit card or ACH (echecks). You decide.

Sorry for the shameless self promotion. If what you are using works for you, by all means stick with it. But if we can save you some time and make it easier to get paid, we are here to help. Thanks.
Brant Pallazza
Founder/CEO ReliaBills
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