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I agree with what you are saying. Successful 100% organic programs are difficult to maintain and may fail to meet the expectations of many clients. Finding the right clients can be difficult, they must accept that there will be weeds. This is a niche market. Taking control of cultural methods will increase success rate.

Applicators must be better trained and be responsible for more than just throwing down product. An understanding of how important soil health is and how to improve it is critical.

However, the implementation of organic methods will improve plant health enough to resist many insect, disease and other stress factors. There are some effective organic control products for many insects, diseases and weeds, but not all. I see no reason against augmenting (spot treating) an organic program with synthetics to handle these problems as long as you are not representing your self as an Organics only company.

It has been my experience that such a program will provide better results than either a conventional or pure organic program. And BTW, reduce your costs with less health and environmental concerns.
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