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scag may have promotional pricing but they arent giving away 36" hydros for 3 grand.

you cant even get a belt drive for that.

Pistol grips are the way to go on a 36" for the kinds of things a 36" is best for. Ditches, hills, under prickly bushes.

If you want cushy hand're going to want at least a 44" or 48" anyway.

Scag has failed many times over at making hand controls for hydro walk behinds that work worth a dang (other than pistol grips)

Does anyone recall the VPRO? holy moly what was that monstrosity?

It did work ok...for short people, on a 52" with a velke... try using it while walking? or taller people? or for anything like hills, ditches etc??? omg... I think they only tested it on flat ground.
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