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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
scag may have promotional pricing but they arent giving away 36" hydros for 3 grand.

you cant even get a belt drive for that.

Pistol grips are the way to go on a 36" for the kinds of things a 36" is best for. Ditches, hills, under prickly bushes.

If you want cushy hand're going to want at least a 44" or 48" anyway.

Scag has failed many times over at making hand controls for hydro walk behinds that work worth a dang (other than pistol grips)

Does anyone recall the VPRO? holy moly what was that monstrosity?

It did work ok...for short people, on a 52" with a velke... try using it while walking? or taller people? or for anything like hills, ditches etc??? omg... I think they only tested it on flat ground.
Perhaps you should read. Didn't say they were. Said its a good deal with the Velke.

Was giving info in case he wanted bigger or somebody was in the market for new.

As far as pistol grips, you can have them. Ill take a Ferris/Snapper Pro with the cruise control bar all day. Nothing easier to use, IMO.
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