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Originally Posted by allaroundguys View Post
250 is a lot. i would like to again clarify most won't be weekly. also if i don't get to half that number ill be more then fine.
as for the help your absolutely right. thankfully i already people i can 100% count on. good help will be more of a problem when i try to go from 250 to 500 or commercial/large yards.
also for training i feel comfortable doing this. 5 years in the army helps a little. i also don't mind one bit writing training manuals
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Why do you feel that most of your accounts would not be weekly? In this area most all the grasses are cool season, meaning they grow like crazy till about mid June. They slow done a bit during July and August then kick your butt for the rest of the season. We have around 180 accounts. Out of all of those only 3 are bi weekly. They are usually the dreaded, always overgrown, trashy accounts that you wonder why you excepted them years ago. The KC metro is a fantastic market. Tons of new housing, lots of wealthy subdivions, and the avg lawn still pays well. Example, my Aunt lives in Prarie Village. She says I wish you were in this area so we could have you maintain out propery. Its about 7k lot size and has a fenced in backyard, nice easy to mow landscape and a wide gate. I asked out of curiousity what is the avg in your neighborhood for weekly mowing. She said it about $65 per mowing. I almost fell out of the truck. The lawn would have taken me by myself 35-40 minutes to properly service it.
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